Yes my birthday is coming up again. April the 18th. I'd rather you told me I lived in a zoo, smelled like a monkey and looked like one too than pop the question about my age (and incidentally, Darwin would agree I'm not the only one here who looks and smells like a monkey!)

I've decided that I am going to be 25 for as long as anyone will buy that. People seem to think I'm even younger (until I talk) but I liked 25, I'm kinda fixated on 25. For me it signified the optimum balance between "if youth only knew" and "if age only could"
If you are 25 you have no idea how lucky you are. Climb into the freezer now before it's too late!

If you would like to get me a little sumthin' sumthin' for my birthday, nothing would make me happier than if you were to make a donation, any donation, to either of the following charities listed and linked to below.
Please do not make a donation in my name. That's ein horah. Evil eye! I didn't believe in that sort of thing until I saw the Damien Omen movies. When I was a kid I had this mean expression, it was a cross between Gary Coleman's "whatchu talkin' 'bout Willis" face and the siblings used to call it the Damien Omen look. That was kinder than my having been nicknamed Little Hitler (I know, how unfunny is that!)

But anyway, it's respectful and appropriate to survive a deceased loved one when you give to charity. If that's too depressing for you, you can honor my father's mother Tilly Solomon. I never met her.  She died two weeks after my parents married. Because she was so ill, my folks moved up the wedding a month. She never would have seen her youngest son wed if the original date had stood. Maybe that was G-d's going away present.
From all reports, she was a real ballbuster. So I like to think of her as my patron chromosomal contributor.

If you want to donate but don't like the thought of your money being in any way associated with anything military, how about planting a f*cking tree Lennon?
Jewish National Fund Online Planting Center
You owe the trees of the world. They provide you with shade, oxygen *and*  they absorb some of my chatter.

A long time ago I received a free "Code of Humanity" bookmark from this peacenik group, they didn't even hit me up for money. I still have the bookmark, I made a magnet out of it. I'm warning you it's corny as hell but it's still a lovely list.

I Choose to Communicate Truth.
I Choose the Reality of Life.
I Choose to Heal Not Hurt.
I Choose Education Over Ignorance.
I Choose the Power of Peace.
I Choose to Love God (or Good) and to see God (or Good) in All Humanity.
I Choose to Seek the Soul in All Things.
I Choose to Link to the World of Inspiration.
I Choose the Principle of Sharing.
I Choose to Become a Co-Creator in Life and Live It More Abundantly.

I also cut out some quote one day and taped it to the top of the bookmark. It reads "So long as we are loved by others I should say that we are almost indispensable; and no man is useless while he has a friend."

Thank you for being mine. (It's only out of fear, Little Hitler!)

Into the fountain of youth