A friend and I are having a disagreement. I believe that more ugly women have boyfriends than ugly men have girlfriends. He thinks the opposite. Pain in the ass. Good thing he's cute. I decided to settle this democratically. Feel free to vote more than once if you're on my side. Otherwise, one person one ballot. Please vote. Your voice is important. Of course I'm only talking to the people on my side. The rest of you can feel free to fall into that category of American who never makes it to the booth on election day but rants on that the country is going to hell. When you have to choose between macaroni and potato salad at a bad family picnic, while they both may seem the same, one is usually safer. It could always be worse. Potatoroni salad, your sister-in-law's culinary vision. Your brother didn't marry her for her kitchen skills. Just realize that you do have options. All those in favor say "aye." All those against say "nay." All those abstaining, can I have your condoms?

How Many Beers Does It Take
Who of the following is most likely to have a date?

An ugly man
An ugly woman
Me! I deserve my own category. I am a stallion!

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