Hi ho. I moved the new picture collage. & you might notice a few other minor changes here and there(OK so I'm the only one noticing). Eventually there's going to be some restructuring. So don't you get used to this address.
I think I misspelled "rebitsin" anyway. Plus I've had so many fights with datatone. The person who runs it is a noodlehead.
If I patronize a noodlehead, that would make me a noodlehead patron(izer). And we can't have that.
Someday before pigs fly (no, overseas pork shipments don't count) I will recode all these pages (which shouldn't
have required recoding except that some of us are sloppy. That's me in general. It goes way beyond the webpage.
Yesterday I ripped out three articles and managed to staple them all in the wrong order. Then when reading
I was forced to conclude that the authors were just all over the damn place!) Anyhoo, someday I will recode the pages
and move them to my own domain so I never have to recode again. I promise it won't be any neater to look at. A personal page is supposed to be a big scribble. I don't like them neat freak pages, stylish, easily navigable (what are they thinking!)
Yeah I know my Clinton rant is way outdated and I'm trying to figure out how to get Mrs Lieberman to give Al Gore
a blowjob* while he's on the phone with John Dvorak explaining how he invented the Internet by saying "Let There Be Internet" (it works. try it. but make sure you connect first)
*Tipper says I should call it fellatio.
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