My friend Mike has expressed the point of view that my photo albums are mediocre and that I should only post lingerie layouts. He's my photo pimp. He just doesn't get it. I want to be appreciated for my mind and my heart and my soul. And if the gorgeous stunning men of the world don't understand that, then I'm just gonna have to pass them on by. Maybe.
But seriously, I'm a closet exhibitionist. I'm comfortable with my body but not enough to leave the house without underwear.
And when I get to where I have to go, I actually put it on. I feel like I have to apologize for one cheesecake shot that isn't even R rated. I'm sorry it isn't R rated! Here is me showing off my new threads, or em, lack thereof.

And this would be...the end

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 Enough graphix. I haven't had text in a long time...