This is Marina's new baby girl Jasmine. Pictures don't do justice. You have to see this little munchkin's hands. They're so little. It would make sense that a little munchkin would have little hands (the universe is logical like that). The daddy who is holding Jasmine is Marina's steady, 10 years her junior (you go girl!)

My plants, Herbert and Halle. Herbert, the jade on the right, takes care of himself. My kinda greenery. Halle, on the left, has been a bit more trouble. She wants water, she wants shpritzing, constant attention. She's worse than the plant from Little Shop Of Horrors. However, since the weather turned cold she has been doing alot better. I don't think she appreciates sunlight, not unlike her owner. Notice I didn't say "caretaker"...that would be a stretch!


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 Enough graphix. I haven't had text in a long time...