I just figured out why there's a Jewish motif to my web page. I'm sublimating guilt. As you will read below in my pasted email, I cheated on Yom Kippur. I also never fought in the Yom Kippur War.  The only commandment I haven't yet broken is coveting my neighbor's wife.
Roger wrote:

> ...oh, and a happy new year; may we please, please have peace in the middle
> east...  I feel a thousand years old just thinking about it; old, tired,
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            Tue, 10 Oct 2000 00:30:17 -0400
            Debbie This <lawyer@datatone.com>

Just think how Abraham would feel were he alive. Although he did have an active
bedroom life in his hundreds. We should all be so blessed! Seriously, it's
perfectly lovely that you'd mention Israel and peace. L'Chaym!
My overly simplistic account of the current deadlock is as follows- there will
be no peace until such time that on both sides, the majority of people and
their leaders (I won't hold out for the support of the press, men of big words
and paper thin resolve to match) uncomfortably but sincerely decide that they
are worse off now than they would be if they altered the landscape. Whip out
the magic 8 matzoball to be sure but short of that, you're dealing with a
frightening unknown. What we do know is unsettling, pardon the pun. I detest
the idea of "land for peace", unless you're of the standpoint that property is
theft. It probably is but let's not try to rewrite the inclinations of men and
the history of mankind. However, if conceding territory is a workable solution,
possibly the only workable solution, then let it be exercised as such.
Ideological arguments amount to little when it comes to what's actually going
down. Because occupation, no matter what the rationale, is always a bad
proposition.  Although sometimes a necessary evil, it can't endure as such. If
a government can extricate itself from having to occupy a territory, it should
do everything in its power to do so. We're not talking about a small number of
refugees. In addition, the wounds, perceived and real, of the Israelis and
Palestinians alike are so inflamed that the collective mentality is one of 'war
versus peace', when in actuality, the current situation and future fate will
likely fall somewhere in between. It's easy to shrug off nationalism as racist,
exclusionary or jingoistic but nationalism begets nationalism and no country
and her citizens have really ever been free of this bias. In an ideal world the
Palestinians could integrate into Israel as full and enfranchised Israeli-Arab
citizens. But that is not going to happen, at least not on a broad scale. The
Palestinians wanting their own homeland is understandable (whether or not it's
fair that this is so heavily Israel's responsibility is irrelevant at this
point). If you were living in a house with someone you didn't get along with,
arguing over who controls what, and decided that the best thing to do would be
to move out, you wouldn't feel too good if you moved out and then the other
person still exercised control over how you lived. Once people have resigned
themselves to not cooperating, believing there is no middle, and they embrace
the idea of their own space, they won't settle for anything less than their own
space. Carving up Israel along whatever agreed upon lines, sure this frightens
me terribly. I wish more than anything that it was mainly a matter of redrawing
borders but I worry, as I'm sure others do, that this ongoing clash is
existential in nature or could end up so. Israel is still a young country,
geographically insecure, at best coldly accepted by her neighbors, subjected to
internal terrorism, and disproportionate and often rabid scrutiny by the world
community. Not an easy environment to operate in, to make equitable and just
choices in. Nor is being subject to occupation.
Let's be brave and take the dangerous chance that we will suffer for it,
because right now we all suffer inside the painful redundancy of the same old
frustrations and the violence it breeds. Let's be dreamers and each downplay
some measure of the possible dangers that may await us.  We're not just
prepared for the worst, we assume it will be so. That is the saddest state of
affairs as this brand of cynicism renders people intransigent, even maniacally
hostile. What is needed more than anything is optimism, something I am
searching for. Optimism isn't optimism to say the sun will shine when it
shines. How insidious the night to insert itself with regularity! A warrior
should tell the war weary that "peace is possible." That they can "beat their
swords into plowshares."  And advise them to please not hit eachother with
their plowshares.

I hope your Yum Kippur was yummy. (the end of it anyway). I've ruined
everything. Crazy rabbis everywhere curse my name(baruch ata nobody say
Debbie). The rogue ritualist, the assimilated reformed Saks Fifth Avenue
Chanukah Bush Jew. Who couldn't hold out a measly two hours until the fast
ended.  Jihads get started over stuff like this.  I only meant to take a drink
but when I could keenly sense the precise path of the liquid down to my empty
stomach, it occurred to me that not only was I very thirsty, well, I was very
hungry too! Probably had something to do with that food deprivation thing. I'm
going to hell with only SPF 3 in my knapsack. There has to be a Jewish hell.
Like any Jew would retire to a white and chilly afterlife.  I've never sinned
like this before. No wait, there was the Tisha Bav Oreo Treachery of 1986. That
was before Oreos got an O-U so it was like a double whammy. And my accomplice
and I actually stole the Oreos. Oh, and we lied to the angel of our trio who
actually kept her fast. It was easy for my accomplice, less so for me because I
was assigned to block the door and keep a lookout. When the good child decided
to burst in and check up on her partners, there I was with Oreo stained molars
and not much time to make a move. So I chewed and choked at warp speed as I ran
over to the sink to brush my teeth. We actually fooled her, naive little
cherub, but not without arousing suspicion. It was hard to keep a straight face
with 10 cookies fighting for space in my mouth. All I could do was nod a puffy
cheeked "no" when the goodie goodie asked "Are you guys cheating?", however, my
accomplice in blasphemy, who had long since scarfed down her lion's share of
Oreos, decided to laugh uncontrollably.  Don't ever volunteer to be the
watchman. Did I mention that the three of us decided to fast only so we could
eat the break-fast bagels (which is manna from heaven when you're at summer
camp). I've lost count of the whammies.

The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want to hire a shepherd.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures, which maketh a green stain on my
He leadeth me besides still waters, right before he turneth on the jacuzzi.

That's all I have memorized. I know there's a part about walking the valley of
the shadow of death but I think I'm going to take another route.

Bless you, the land of Israel, the tired, the hungry, the poor, and of course,
the sneezers

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