This is Tony, seemingly surprised by the camera, even though I'm like, right up in his face (some people just cannot pose without the "cheese" cue)

I finally have the proof I need that Tony is bipolar!

Me And T

If you happen to be one of those snoopy/observant people who checks out the backgrounds of photos, you should be able to make out the plaque on the upper right that reads "Shalom".  Shalom means "peace" and is also used as both a "hello" and "goodbye" greeting ala "peace be with you." Lovely word, no complaints. But right below it is a small plaque that I've begged my mother to take down. It's the kind of plaque you'd expect if Lieberman ran under Clinton or Bush. It says "Shalom Y'all." How sad is that! Shalom Y'all. I'm a Long Island girl. That plaque should read "Shalom, Yknow!"

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