I'm politically liberal. Many of my self professed ultra liberal friends (whom I affectionately view as the 'do as i say not as i do' sorts who would ruthlessly rule over any world they would "save") will sporadically say something like "I thought you were a Republican" (making it sound as appealing as toe fungus) when they know I'm a Democrat (as in democracy,but mostly as in racy. The republicans want advisories on all the racy stuff, which is a plus because then I don't have to look too long for it) Then I have conservative friends who try to lure me to the other side. I love political proselytizers so long as they don't hit me up for a donation. Although I mailed Lazio two dollars for sending me a return envelope addressed to the "emergency committee to stop Hilary Clinton." Gosh I hope I didnt retroactively ex-post-facto violate any of the nearly new campaign finance laws many of which are ultimately going to be shot down eventually anyway. Unless a candidate is spending their own personal money, any and all campaign money must be spent on the campaign and anything not spent on the campaign should be donated to a charity of the candidate's choice (excluding the "mission for me") or proportionately returned to all those who donated (watch how fast all the money is spent on the 'campaign'). Other than that, this is really in the hands of the voters. If a powerful voter lobby drafted a guideline for campaigning and refused to support candidates who didn't abide by it, they could make a difference . Even to establish campaigning guidelines that would allow for a certain minimum of exposure and debate is in the hands of voters who still choose what they read, watch, listen to, attend. There IS a good argument to be made for a minimum amount of spending. As for funneling money through a party, at least there is a far less "corrupting" and more mediating effect on where the money goes and why. Incidentally one of the worst effects of campaign finance has been loophole reporting methods. I wonder just how willing individuals lobbies and companies would be to give certain amounts of money to candidates and just how willing the candidates would be to accept these funds if it was made absolutely unequivocally clear in a public document published on the web who exactly were the ongoing donors (exceeding a certain dollar amount) to any individual campaign. Please visit www.buyyourwayintooffice.com for further details. Buy the way, that domain hasn't been registered, jump on it! But don't jump on me for being a "conservative", remember the campaign finance reform effort is "bipartisan." ( I mean really, who wouldn't want to be associated with campaign finance reform. That'd be like saying you don't want to spend more money on education. Or that you want to steal from future social security receipts to pay for your weekend trip in Aspen) Incidentally should I ever come out as a conservative, I'm still going to call myself a "new liberal." "Conservative" sounds like the guy with the stick up his ass, the one who repeatedly begs the party host to turn down the music. I like the music blasting. Then everyone can discuss politics without actually hearing what the other person has to say. Keeps things friendly.



I prefer having men as friends and not in accordance with chris rock's amusing "dick in a jar" theory. I have absolutely no reservations about being friends with a woman and I actually tend to be more receptive to a woman trying to befriend me than a man trying to befriend me. The #1 thing you talk about with members of the same sex is members of the opposite sex. And I miss that. I know this is generic and stereotypical but I can't talk about manicures for an hour. In addition to not finding it engaging, I have very limited views on the subject. I'll say to a female "wow. cool nailpolish color" and she'll reply "it's called funky monkey" and I think the conversation is over. But no. I find out she used to have her nails filed round instead of square at which point I'm prompted to ask "Have you ever considered pointy? You could save alot on mace." Believe me I pay a dear price for my aversion to beauty lore & practice. Whether guys admit it or not or contrive some kind of naive disingenous rationalization, most men appreciate a woman who is dolled up. Just because you didn't thumbs up Tammy Faye's makeup job doesn't mean you want women going au natural. Anything a woman does to the end of a nice complexion (and most women do something) even if it doesnt culminate in the application of chisel-friendly makeup, amounts to primping. It's not that men don't treat me like I'm pretty when I'm grungy but I just don't command the same amount of respect then as when I'm even remotely dolled up. And for that, I hate men, I hate women, I hate myself and I hate people. I can begrudgingly accept that someone would want to sooner befriend me or bang me because they find me attractive but not that someone would sooner respect me because they find me attractive. and this IS the world we live in. If you live in another world, give my regards to the pink elephants and one eyed one horned flying purple people eaters (I hope you're not purple). If I'm not talking manicures, I don't want to discuss feminist rage. Not that I'm insensitive to gender politics but I love men. At the very least, I love certain parts of them.(I am not objectifying. I am paying tribute. Praise be ye penis!) I don't want to shoot the guy who invented tampons, I want to give him a big fat hug! I still throw my scripted "not until you can properly insert a tampon" line at self described "male feminists." A man can be active in womens causes, a man can promote equality across the board, a man can treat a woman with dignity, but a man can't understand what it is to be a woman any more than a woman can understand what it is to be a man, Dennis Rodman notwithstanding. I also don't like to compete with friends except in Monopoly (I dont even want the blue properties, too elitist) and thumb wrestling (you'll lose everytime to my index finger 'sneak attack'). While competitiveness has reared its ugly head between me and a male friend, I find it's much more likely to happen between two female friends. Don't get me wrong, I love to compete, she said, pounding her chest, and wishing that during the 5 seconds in which she pronounced this statement, she could temporarily morph into king kong. But I don't love to compete with friends, unless it's genuinely friendly competition, which is not so easy. You're not supposed to feel superior to friends. You're supposed to ban together and feel superior to everyone else!


PS I finally received a "useful" spam (see image below). i adjusted it a smidgeon and am wondering about the code that could grab a screen shot and scale it to fit inside a frame such as this. Or even cooler...an image map that mimicked the active links on the full size page. Or maybe there's an easier better way to approach it, but don't ask me. I want to overwork you!

It seemed to me whoever sent this spam had taken the pains to store the scaled images. I don't know if initially a script randomly generated the images feeding in some mailing list of websites. I think that would make a neat little app. It makes for a killer signature file except that I hate HTML mail.

Anyway, I stole their frame and erased their logo and activated the link. Not only didn't they have the link activated, clicking on the blank link crashed my browser (good work!) If you want to customize this graphical link for yourself, just take a screen shot of your webpage, scale it in the -vicinity- of 185 (height) 256(width) or knock yourself out coding to maintain the aspect ratio. Name your image "img.jpg" and then pilfer the html. Just alter the <a href> tag to reflect your web address. I'm not saying this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Yknow, sliced bread spoils faster. I just think it's funky monkey.





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