Who Will Eat the Escargot?

Our French fried friends have railed no,
Gallic grand power has stirred disdain,
So who will eat the escargot?
And who will toast the sweet champagne?
We can boast of Lady Liberty, maybe boycott the word “bourgeoisie.”

Heck, who will eat the escargot?
Oh who will toast the sweet champagne?
Stuffed and full in their shiny lairs,
Skipping out on the check
Tyrants on thrones dine at café gourmet,
Sipping fine pale wine, drinking bubbly doubly.

Thinking snails as somehow purer than we,
The Kaiser, Der Fuehrer, the now forgotten of the trench…
About on par are all they,
Votes the Colonizer,
Come wiser advisor,
International not rational,
Committed to committee.

Sit on the bench, extend, stall,
Postpone pretty please s'il vous plaît appease,
What les Français say to the fray,
Gloating inside squishy Vichy high pride.
Bull merde! Tough merde! Do pardon my French,
But we sure came in handy at Marne and Normandy!
Same merde, different jour.
Same cared, different war.



Fuck the Jews
Shiny fame in myth and news
Fuck the Jews
With their big nose high views
Fuck the Jews
Why they chose flame and fuse
Fuck the Jews
The rally and the ruse

Fuck the Jews
I don’t care if we let them rot
Fuck the Jews
Can I get what they got?
Fuck the Jews
The whole whiny wealthy lot
Fuck the Jews
Won’t I sign the boycott?

Fuck the Jews
Molding our numb souls
Fuck the Jews
All the traitorous moles
Fuck the Jews
With debater power roles
Fuck the Jews
With those tall styled goals

Fuck the Jews
And their tower of manic babble
Fuck the Jews
And their riled rousing rabble
Fuck the Jews
All that blaring dogged scrabble
Fuck the Jews
And their far reaching dabble.

Fuck the Jews
The inflicted and the slain
Fuck the Jews
Tucked in a requiem of pain
Fuck the Jews
And their bid to remain
Fuck the Jews
The indelible stain

Fuck the Jews
Stealthy power, preach, and pray
Fuck the Jews
Slickly holding spin and sway
Fuck the Jews
For they diminish but still they stay
Fuck the Jews
We will finish them some day!


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