Shea(sh) Stadium. That dive next to LaGuardia. They have better food than Yankee stadium though. You should have what to chew on because the Mets aren't going to provide any action. As the guy in the Alfonzo shirt shouted "Estes, do something! You want something to do? Wash my truck!" Estes wasn't a total dud, he did manage to belt Barry Bonds...The moral of the story in "Slapshot" was simple but timeless... if you're going to lose, you may as well inflict pain.

As you can see my hands were tied. I was coerced into attending this imitation game. I told Tony he could pick the venue for our plans. All things considered, this wasn't so bad when indoor mountain climbing and amateur female mud wrestling were on the table.

This is not affection. This is pity.

My sometime best friend and his all-the-time best friend

I don't like the name Ginky but this is Ginky. How cute is he? He wants to change his name to Yanky.

Ginky is after my powerbar. He doesn't know where the real power is!


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