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Things you need to know before voting
1) Yan thinks this joke (below) is hilarious
2) Yan thinks this joke is only hilarious to people of Russian descent
3) Yan cannot explain why exactly this joke is hilarious but he assures me it's the talk of the town in Moscow, right after the flat tax, the mafia, the media, the Chechnyans, Anna Kournikova and herring casserole

Case Study: Yan's Joke

an ant is crawling by a frog, notices her (it's a she) and says,
gee, frog, how come you're so green, slimy and disgusting?
the frog answers: well, the thing is, i'm just sick right now. I'm actually
white and fluffy.

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1) I called up my bubbe in Kiev. She does not think this joke is funny. Of course she's senile and I've effectively implanted ideas in her head about frog rabbits, which is not good. Last week she thought the world was being taken over by a golem made of broccoflower.

2) Is the "white and fluffy" cocaine? I never got that Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. I'm always the last person to understand this shit.

3) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Did I mention I'm green, slimy and disgusting? Once I get better and am restored to my usual white fluffy self, I will no longer be amused.

4) Russians are obsessed with silly talking animals. That's why they voted in Putin.

5) Uh oh, I just stepped on the ant. Don't worry, I'm more than happy to interrogate the amphibian. So frog, how come you are so verdant and viscous? (I may be snoopy but I see no point in being politically incorrect.)

6) I dont know where you're coming from Debbie. That joke is fucking hilarious. (and I'm not just saying that because Yan promised me 5 bottles of vodka and 3 decommissioned nuclear warheads)

7) I get it! (great. now I'm green slimy and disgusting too.  Where's a hot rich princess chick with big lips when you need one?)

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