I really need to decide on a name. I think his name is Socks but I'm not sure. Too White House. And I don't want to be reminded of the pussy in there. But lookit his cute white paws. He does look like a Socks (a Socks, not a sox you Boston Chicago freaks) but I called him Oreo. Now I think he looks like a cupcake. Maybe I should eat something chocolate. I've written about Socks somewhere on my site but to recap, Socks is not my kitty. He belongs to some neighbor (I've never met) in an adjacent building; his owner puts him out often. I should mention that Socks isn't really a cat, don't be fooled by the outer cat appearance. Socks is a dog trapped in a cat's body. I'm serious. Now granted he's not the most photogenic feline(no it's not my photography!) but he is what we Yids like to call a "bubelah." Sweet, warm, affectionate. Ok well maybe he's part cat because the first thing he does when he comes over is case my apartment. Curious doesn't cover it. Now I know why cat trapping is so easy. All you have to do is put up a sign "There's nothing of interest in here." I don't have a pet but I'd take Oreo Cupcake Socks in a second. This is not a normal cat. This is a mutant. A crossbreed. He's kinda plumpy huh? Actually he was alot fatter the last time he came over. He shouldn't be disapproving of my diet coke. I don't think the way a pet looks matters at all, people are weird like that. I want a pet that loves and would tear a ligament off the postman (well he bent a letter that said "do not bend", he wasn't so innocent)

Old Blue Eyes

What? No regular coke?

Oooh, it has whiskers.

Freaky man, freaky


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