Not everyone has the New Years spirit

Look who likes gifts! (he even has a "tail-on")

I know, I've looked better. This should be your wake up call not to participate in high stakes gambling. Ben and I were playing cards with a measly set of plastic poker chips, no trade in value. So I proposed we up the ante. Whoever loses gets to take an embarassing photo of the other person. Clearly, in my fetching baggy 'the cat aint the only one not in the mood for New Years' sweatsuit, I wasn't (un)dressed right for this kinda pose. Now to be fair to Ben, 'woman on all fours' wasn't his first suggestion but I wasn't about to exotically dance around the cat's scratching post. People, I've got standards. (At least two, and that's enough for a plural)

Evidently my dog impersonation was so convincing it scared the cat. It's often a curse to be such a talented method actor.

"Double or nothing" always seems like a good idea until you're indebted for the double. Without exaggeration, I think Ben coached me for 15 minutes on how to stick out my tongue like a porn mistress ('course they typically have the advantage of piercings that weigh the tongue down at the end). Once during the fourth grade I got sent to the principal for making a stick-out tongue face at Rabbi Lappa. Apparently, that was a good one but I've since lost the magic.


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