These are some of the photos I took with my disposable camera on the day of the Kiss concert. I know they're lame. The pix, I mean. Half of them didn't even come out. That's not exactly true. I have about 10 pictures of "night".
Skid Row has a new lead singer who isn't up to par. You need a certain kind of voice to sing heavy metal. It has to suck in just such a way. If it plain old sucks, then it's no good.
Ted Nugent was something else. He could do standup. The music was awesome and his jokes were quite funny. "If Al
Sharpton's a reverend, then I'm the Dali fucking Lama with a gun." Before Wang Dang Sweet Poontang, he said "Even
the fags are going to eat pussy tonight."  I hope that isn't true. Experience counts.
Kiss brought the mobile house down.  I have a picture of Gene with the blood coming out of his mouth but you can't really make out Gene or the blood. So I put it in with the "night" album.
Chris Kiss - this is Chris. His last name isn't Kiss. I was all out of spins.
Ticket  - you need this (or a handwritten note from your parole officer) to get in
Me - this is me without my Kiss makeup on.
Parents Just Don't Understand - on numerous occasions, Mom has expressed to me that she doesn't think Paul Stanley is a nice Jewish boy.
Mommy N Me - she doesn't think Gene Simmons is a nice Jewish boy either