This Pesach chaiku is dedicated to the penpal who suggested it (you know who you are!)

Let my people go.
Thuth thayeth G-d almighty.
(Moses had a lisp)

Matzah is cardboard
well, except that the cardboard
flavor is removed.

If eliyahu
isn't going to drink that,
then can I have it?

Pesach getaway
airport personnel frisked me
for afikomen

The seder is long
and that is why we recline
Let's eat already!

If the Lord gave me
a mil instead of a bil
I'd say Dayenu.

I built pyramids
no pay and no benefits
where were the teamsters?

Dad tells the bad kid
"please don't eat the celery
during the kiddush"

I'd have freed the Jews
way before plague number ten
I do not like frogs


 And what if I have FIVE questions?