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Special Thanks to A.G. and his expert Photoshop tweaking (and dig the Pointilist background). Well heck it fooled someone at my father's office. My mother showed this person the above picture and he smugly commented, "Great. Now he's with another young pretty girl." I must confess the truth to you now…I am indeed a young pretty girl. I've since had rhinoplasty and given up mud wrestling.

Sorting Out Mixed Feelings

I dislike Clinton. I never liked him. We all think politicians unctuous and evasive but I continuously found/find Clinton reluctant to answer even 'yes' or 'no' questions (though we're all now aware that he can't "just say no"). But even his worst detractors are sympathizing with his current persecution. Speaking for myself, I am surprised that Starr has not subpoenaed Sox, the presidential cat (though Monica could loosely qualify). I, for one, want to believe in Starr's good intentions but often I wonder if he is on a righteous vendetta or if his Starr quality has gone to his head. Here is a man whose tactics are not more than a fine line away from witness badgering, illicit leaking to the press and entrapment. I marvel at Ken's conviction to undo the president via his zipper, even in the shadow of such past events as Whitewater and Asian soft money campaign financing. The charges: Favors. Adultery. Lies.

Let's talk turkey. Bubba's mistress received special favors. So did he. Fair is fair.

Adultery. Lies.

Adultery could make Abe Lincoln a liar. Duplicity and adultery are inextricably bound together. Even if one is adamantly opposed to and disgusted by infidelity, who would argue that the extramarital relations does not beget deception. Ah but these were no ordinary lies...what about perjury? Unless the President definitively and directly threatened or coerced Ms. Lewinsky and company into lying (which I don't believe he did) I cannot concede any of his misdeeds as being grounds for impeachment. What about Bill's moral caliber? Wake up. We elected the man, well aware of his personal character, or lack thereof. Such is not to say that personal character is irrelevant. This is not to claim that if all things had been equal and someone of moral caliber opposed Clinton, that we would not have voted for them instead of Mr. Bill. Certainly I am opposed to and disgusted by Clinton's behavior. Let us not act as if he was just "sowing his oats" or was caught making out with Hillary in the oval was, to understate, a sordid affair. And Clinton is our most public figure in a time when sexual ethos are dangerously loose and marriages are disintegrating at an alarming rate (adultery being a prime reason) Additionally, Clinton is more than an adulterer. He is a predator who is at best a questionable supporter of women. He possesses a sophomoric and borderline misogynistic conquest mentality when it comes to his female subordinates. This is a man who couldn't control his juvenile power-mad lusts when he was governor. What do we expect a man like this to do when his babemagnet Porsche (governorship) becomes a Ferrari (presidency)? I unequivocally do not accuse the president of "robbing the cradle", as Ms. Lewinsky clearly eagerly consented. But I believe the President's historical attention to younger women stemmed from more than physical attraction. He was counting on his intimidating rank and on the hero worship.

An even worse implication of his behavior is that we know his political sensibilities can indeed be corrupted by his libido. Here is a man who didn't learn any lesson after being secretly taped by his former mistress Gennifer Flowers. When you are the de facto leader of the entire free world, you do have to be discriminatory about who you are intimate and in close contact with. Allow me to dismantle the notion that we the people are not entitled to know of Clinton's personal life. Admittedly, I absolutely do not think I have the right to the details of the private lives of celebrities…except when that celebrity's decisions can have a direct effect on my life. What if Monica had been corrupt and resourceful enough to distract Bill why she tapped an important phone call he was on? Finally, I know of stockbrokers, lawyers, medical residents who could never make the time for dating, let alone trysts. Comforting to know that the President of the United States can.

So what do we know? We know that Clinton is utterly amoral and frivolous in his personal life (which allows us to question but not indict(without evidence) his public service morality and dedication), and we have our suspicions that he can be quite the putz, for lack of a better word. But I do not want an apology from the man, a 4+ (but who's counting?) time loser. I am baffled that any spiritual leader would urge him to apologize, for they should acknowledge that remorseful intent is the cornerstone of repentance. If the President is going to apologize for anything, let it be for setting off the media circus with his unctuous evasiveness. Let it be for thinking we'd concur that Monica didn't perform sexual acts on him because she didn't, in fact, inhale. Newsflash: I KNOW Clinton is sorry, sorry he got caught. I'm sure he regrets his behavior on a daily basis..."If only I had afforded Monica a dry cleaning tab." I feel his pain.

If American citizens wish the power to comprehensively scrutinize the president, including the personal facets of his life, it is incumbent upon us to separate the wheat from the chaff. There are no Mrs. Buttafuocos here. We all know the truth, its implications. I hope we all know what its worth. Impeachment is not warranted and the constant suggestion of it is unjustly undermining the President's morale and focus. But equally unjust a verdict would be dismissal, cynicism and apathy.

Where do we go from here? I propose that we let this pathetic blotch (no scandal pun intended) set precedent for drafting a personal code of conduct for they who represent us. Does not our military have a personal code of conduct? Penalizations could include reasonable fines (not a 'slap on the wrist' but not exorbitant) and/or a point system that would accrue and count towards impeachment or removal from office. This affair has prompted much overblown nonsense and waste, and given rise and weight to too many ultra liberal and ultra conservative voices. It all, in a word, sucks (no scandal pun intended). You don't have to be the defender of heaven or a hedonist from hell, to make sense. We're not the President and we can do better than a one word answer.

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